Friday, August 7, 2009

Gardenin', Cannin' and Kissin' Up

Hello, world. Its me again. Today’s been a fairly busy day for me. My wife spent most of the day at her cozy little desk job pecking on a computer. The rest of us hung around here managing things on the home front. Most of the day was spent outside. The 5 year old got to drive Granny’s golf cart all by herself. She’s gotten pretty good on that thing. Real driving should be a breeze when she hits sixteen. By the way, Granny is my mama. The toddler enjoyed the weather today, too. She would sneak up on our cat, Carrot. FYI, we have two cats, Carrot Murray and Gato Olivia. Anyway, back to today’s cat chase. Just about the time the Toddler got to the cat and right as she would was reaching for the tail to pull, Carrot would scurry away about five feet. This happened two or three times, until rocks, a much easier target, became the Toddler’s catch of the day. Each rock was picked up, carefully studied for a few seconds and the tossed as far as her little arm could hurl it. I spent most of the morning in our garden. I haven’t really kept up with weeding the garden or doing much hoeing. So today, I had about 4 months worth of grass surrounding my cucumbers. The cucumbers never seemed bothered by the grass, so I never gave it much attention. In fact, in a five day period about three weeks ago, we harvested almost 60 cucs from our little patch. The problem with the grass was less them hindering the growth of the vegetables and more the vegetables’ uncanny ability to hide for days in the jungle of Bermuda and other grasses. Today, I found and picked a nice big cucumber that had hidden until it was turning yellow. Still edible, just not as tasty. The seeds inside are really big at this point. After my hoeing and cuc picking was done. I headed to my tomato plants where I gathered half an ice cream bucket of the prettiest cherry tomatoes. Next, I spiced it up a little with some jalapeƱos.

I knew my wife was heading to the city to see her mama this weekend. So always the anxious one to please my mama-in-law, I decided to wash and bag her a mess of the tomatoes I had picked. I canned all my jalapeƱos and set aside a pint for mama-in-law too. I had also picked a few of the cucumbers while I was hoeing them. These, too, went in a bag and put on the stage bound for Inlawville. Brownie points for me. Just trying to reassure “you know who” that she didn’t lose a daughter, but rather she gained a son...a country son, but a son nonetheless.

The cucumbers are missing above, but trust me, they are as good as any farmer’s market variety you can find. Well, after a long day in the summer sun I am beat, and I think I hear a nice cozy bed calling my name. I’ll see you next episode.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Hello, world! Welcome to my blog, Once Upon a Tucker. My wife has been doing a blog for a while now, and it seems pretty interesting. I thought I would give it a shot.
Since this is the blog version of a pilot episode, I think it appropriate to introduce the main characters in our story. First, we have the narrator, Me.

And riding shotgun on this ride is my lovely wife.
Next is our 5 year old Kindergartner.

And rounding out our fabulous foursome is the toddler.

We'll meet other characters as we make our way on this journey, but we'll get to them in due time. Anyway, you've met everyone for now. Thanks for joining me as I tell our story. See you next episode.